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As the Brookings Mental Health Task Force continues to ask about different services available in the community we became aware of this new service to the community. The following is an excerpt from an email to the Task Force from Nikki Eining of Avera Behavioral in Brookings:

I wanted to follow up about this specific part as a lot of you were asking questions about available resources.

Of course ANY individual can call 911, the local police department number, 692-2113 and/or the Sheriff’s department, 696-8300.  The police department and the Sheriff’s department has specific protocol and trained staff to respond to crisis situations in order to assess and identify if bringing in East Central emergency staff, or starting the Involuntary Committal Procedure is needed.  I have personally been a part of scenarios where staff from both sectors have responded to situations – and they have done a FANTASTIC job of educating parents/family members, creating rapport with the individuals, etc.  I was highly impressed.

Avera Behavioral Outpatient Services has started a new ‘emergency triage’ position through access of a grant opportunity.  Lyndsey Neth is the therapist who is the ‘emergency triage’ therapist (when she is gone, we all take turns filling this role) in which she is available for same day emergency appointments.  She can be contacted at 605-322-4079.  Yes, traveling to SF is not the best answer.  However, same day appointments are VERY difficult to access anywhere locally – and so her role is meeting that emergency need and helping connect with appropriate supports/services to individuals locally.

Any individual can call the Helpline Suicide hotline in order to speak with someone.  This is staffed 24/7 and they also help hook up to appropriate resources and/or do well care checks if wanted/ necessary. 1-800-273-8255

Any individual is able to call the Avera Behavioral Intake Assessment Specialist to talk through their situation and identify best options for their loved one or themselves.  605-322-4000, this number can be called 24/7.

I encourage everyone to jot down the date of the Community Suicide meeting, as we can all continue to work together as a community and increase awareness and access to supports:

2018 Brooking Step Forward to Prevent Suicide Committee Member Event

April 21, 2018

SDSU campus- Student Union

Committee members serve as the volunteer leaders for the planning and execution of the Brookings Step Forward to Prevent Suicide. Committee members focus on raising revenue, increasing awareness, and implementing event activities. The 2018 Step Forward to Prevent Suicide event in Brookings on April 21, 2018.  The event is held at the Student Union on the campus of SDSU and is in partnership with the student campus organization: Lost & Found.

To volunteer, Express Interest by contacting Janet or for more information:   Janet Harvey, Events Coordinator/ Helpline Center

Office phone: (605) 274-1418



I am thankful to continue to work with you all on this journey – you all bring wonderful strengths and knowledge to the table.  Have a wonderful week!


Outpatient Mental Health Therapist

Avera Behavioral Brookings

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