EVENT: A New Norm

“A New Norm” is a poetic tale that is intended to reflect thefeelings of those of us who struggle with anxiety, depression,grief, anger, doubt, shame, fear and more. It is intended toprovide encouragement that difficulties such as these canbe overcome. A partnership between Avera Health and Children’s HomeSociety, “A New Norm” is a springboard for… Continue reading EVENT: A New Norm


Pictured above from left to right are: Craig Pahl, BEP Board Member, Teree Nesvold, President of BEP Board, Deb Eilers, Limestone Accounting and BEP Board Member, Doug Oneill, Chairman of BEP Caregiver Support Group Committee May is Mental Health Awareness month. In preparation for that month the Brookings Mental Health BATA Bus was unveiled and… Continue reading BATA Bus

Mental Health Access Legislative Committee

Learn more about the Mental Health Access Legislative Committee’s efforts by following this link to a SDPB story http://www.sdpb.org/blogs/news-and-information/before-it-gets-better-mental-health-access-legislative-committee/ Members of an appointed legislative committee talk about their efforts to study access to mental health services in South Dakota. Guests point out their findings and what recommendations they will bring to the legislature. They also… Continue reading Mental Health Access Legislative Committee

DBT Overview

by Kathryn Fenster, SDSU Graduate Student Have you ever had hard time relating to loved ones when their emotions seem out of control? Do you ever feel at a loss as to how to connect with loved ones when they seem to behave with extreme emotions? Support systems are crucial for individual experiencing emotional difficulties,… Continue reading DBT Overview

Rural Mental Health Work: One Therapist’s Journey

(Republished from NAMI) Rural Mental Health Work: One Therapist’s Journey By Jennifer Andrashko, MSW | Oct. 10, 2018   In 2009, my husband and I left Minneapolis and moved to Greater Minnesota—which is Minnesotan for any geographic space outside of the seven-county metropolitan area centered around the Twin Cities. Before we moved, I had conjured up a romantic… Continue reading Rural Mental Health Work: One Therapist’s Journey