MetaBank: BEP’s Donor of the Year

The Brookings Empowerment Project is pleased to present the Donor of the Year award to MetaBank.  MetaBank is richly deserving of this award because of its generosity in providing office space at no charge to BEP on the second floor of its facility at 600 Main Avenue in Brookings for the past three years.

In addition to the office space, MetaBank also generously allows us to utilize its conference room, kitchen, and open area for committee, Board and member meetings.  Without this generous donation of office and meeting space, BEP would be required to expend a large percentage of its budget for equivalent facilities, money that can now be used to further our mission of “empowering those who have persistent mental illness and their caregivers with supportive and integrative services.”

Thank you, MetaBank!

Pictured is Mary Oneill presenting the award to the President of MetaBank Brookings, Tim Peters.

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