Meet New BEP Board Member: Sister Elaine Garry

BEP is pleased that Sister Elaine Garry has chosen to volunteer as a new board member.  Garry is the Pastoral Associate at St.Thomas More Catholic Church in Brookings, and has this to say about why she chose to volunteer:

“I heard an expressed need for a member of the Brookings MinisterialAssociation to become a member
of the Board of BEP. At the present time I serve as the Convenier of the Brookings Ministerial Association,
and I am willing to be the representative from the BMA.  What I bring to the Board is the desire to become
more informed on the activities of the BEP, be a team player, an attentive listener, an educator, sharing spiritual leadership as needed and sharing the wisdom of the aging process. I am
interested in helping as I am able. May God guide all our efforts.”

Thank you, Sister Elaine, and welcome.

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