Meet Dan Hanson, New BEP Board Member

BEP is pleased that Dan Hansen has chosen to volunteer his expertise by serving on our Board of Directors.  Dan is the Assistant Dean for Pharmacy Student Services at SDSU and a member of the Brookings City Council.

We recently asked him some questions, and would like to share Dan’s answers:

Why did you decide to join BEP?

Being someone who has had family and friends that have struggled with mental health issues, who works closely with college students, and is a healthcare practitioner, I have seen the affects that mental illness can have on an individual, a family, and the community. In learning more about the BEP, I feel its vision, purpose, and values, align with some of my own goals for the Brookings community.

What would you want to accomplish during your tenure as a BEP Board Member?

Hopefully I can use my experience in budgeting, fundraising, and strategic planning to help BEP expand its network and reach.  But my biggest goal would be to work with the other Board members, and the entire organization, to promote the mission, programming, and image of BEP, and work to help develop and implement the strategic plan of the organization.

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