Lowell Haag: BEP Volunteer of the Year

Lowell Haag has been named the 2018 Brookings Empowerment Project Volunteer of the Year.

Haag has been a faithful supporter of Brookings Empowerment Project (BEP) since joining the organization.  His accounting expertise, along with his technical knowledge and abilities have been invaluable in moving BEP record keeping from paper to computer.  Mr. Haag is widely respected for his patience, quiet demeanor, and dedication to countless hours of work outside of regular BEP meetings and activities.  The membership of BEP is grateful to have him as a friend and as a strong supporter of its missions and goals.  Lowell Haag is most deserving of being recognized as Brookings Empowerment Project Volunteer of the Year.

Some of the many contributions that Lowell has made to Brookings Empowerment Project include:

  1. Served consecutive terms as organization Treasurer since 2010??, developed electronic financial records and provided technical support.
  2. Worked multiple years developing annual budget reports and finalizing grant funding request to Brookings United Way.
  3. Moderator for annual BEP forums and provided assistance with set-up and technical accommodations.
  4. Primary contact with media for radio advertising and interviews.  Lowell has been a direct link with Dr. Rick Holm for select programming on mental health issues.
  5. A willing volunteer in helping with organization fundraisers.

Congratulations, Lowell, on this well-deserved honor!

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