Bridges of Hope

Photo Credit: “Bridges” (CC BY 2.0) by chefranden

Several years ago, National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) created a 40-minute Powerpoint presentation titled “Bridges of Hope” with the goal of presenting it to faith-based communities.

“Bridges of Hope” was created to educate faith communities about mental illness so that they can create stronger safety nets and welcoming communities for people affected by mental illness. Several in the Brookings area who are familiar with NAMI and who are comfortable speaking to groups are available to give this presentation.

The “Bridges of Hope” presentations has three parts:

  • Section 1 – What is mental illness?  How does it impact individuals, families, and communities?
  • Section 2 – What is the role of the faith community in helping people and families touched by serious mental illness?
  • Section 3 – Who is NAMI and what does it offer to individuals, families and faith communities? Along with talking about NAMI, we at BEP include telling about BEP’s goals and outreach.

If you would like to have “Bridges of Hope” presented at your church, or faith group, please contact us at –  or  We will contact you and answer your questions and/or plan a time to give Bridges of Hope to your faith community. The total presentation, including time for Q&A, will take approximately one hours.

–BEP Education Committee


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