Books Donated by BEP

As part of their efforts to raise awareness about mental health needs and to reduce stigma of mental illness, Brookings Empowerment Project has donated the following books to the Brookings Public Library:


  • Biology of Desire – Why Addiction is not a Disease by Mark Lewis
  • Will Power is not Enough – Arnold Washton Ph.D.
  • Gaps, Gut and Psychology Syndrome – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD
  • Darkness is My Only Companion – Kathryn Greene
  • Walks on the Margins – A Story of Bipolar Illness – Kathy Brandt
  • Lives at Risk – Hilary Ryglewicz
  • Grieving Mental Illness- Virginia Lafond
  • The Soloist – Steve Lopez
  • The 12 Steps for Adult Children – Recovery Publications
  • From Survival to Recovery – Al-Anon
  • Blow Away the Black Clouds – Florence Littauer
  • I Can’t Get Over it – Aphrodite Matsakis Ph.D.
  • Loosening the Grip – Kenney and Leaton
  • I am Not Sick, I don’t Need Help – Xavier Amador, Ph.D.
  • Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • A Family Guide to Mental Health Care- Lloyd I. Sederer MD
  • The Complex PTSD Workbook- Arielle Schwartz, Ph.D.
  • Nobody Cares About Crazy People – Ron Powers
  • Surviving Schizophrenia – E Fuller Torrey, M.D.
  • David’s Inferno – David Blistein
  • Psychiatric Medications for Children – Mark Perrin, M.D.



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