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Sometimes the perfect book is difficult to find. Once, for example, I needed a book that would talk about duel diagnosis.  Duel diagnosis is what happens when the person has both a mental illness and an addiction.  I needed to read about it.  I needed to get some kind of understanding.  Someone told me about  a book that was really about addiction only, so I read it. Biology of Desire by Mark Lewis was, indeed,  a very good read for me.   I learned the author’s point of view on addiction; he believes it is not an illness.

Even though I may not agree completely with his conclusion, I do think I learned a lot about addiction from reading this book.  People with an addiction can’t just wake up one morning and say, “I am not going to do this anymore.” True, they can just wake up and say that, but usually the desire to quit won’t last, for it is not as strong as the addiction is.  This book really explained addiction so even I could understand.  Lewis also had some very creative and interesting ways to help a person with an addiction to quit and make the necessary changes in their lives. This book is now available in our Brookings Public Library because  BEP purchased it an made it available for you to read.  Enjoy.

I also wanted to read a book about diet and foods that might help a person with a diagnosis.  My son would come over to eat, so I needed some good ideas about diet.  I found a book. Caps, Gut and Phycology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. This author believes a lot can be done for the person with a diagnosis if the diet is changed and exercise is part of each day. Campbell-McBride wrote this book and researched the material in it because she is the parent of a child with a severe learning disability.  She realized that nutrition played a critical role in helping children and adults overcome their disabilities. Another must read! Oh, and yes this book, too, is available at the Brookings Library. BEP made sure this book would be available to anyone wanting to read it, so they donated it.

So far,  BEP has donated thirteen books about mental illness, and the library has purchased more.  Please see the list below and do not hesitate to go to the Library and hopefully you will find a book that will help you in your journey or the journey of a loved one toward recovery.

Book List – Brookings Public Library

  • Biology of Desire – Why addiction is not a disease Mark Lewis
  • Will Power is not Enough – Arnold Washton Ph.D. and Donna Boundy M.S. W.
  • Gaps , Gut and Psychology Syndrome – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD
  • Darkness is My Only Companion – Kathryn Greene-McCreight
  • Walks on the Margins – A story of Bipolar Illness by Kathy Brandt and Max Maddox
  • Lives at Risk – Hilary Ryglewicz and Bert Pepper
  • Grieving Mental Illness– A Guide for Patients and Their Caregivers’ by Virginia Lafond (This book is being purchased by BEP and will be in the library soon)
  • The Soloist – A Lost dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music  Steve Lopez
  • The 12 Steps for Adult Children – Recovery Publications
  • From Survival to Recovery – Growing up in an alcoholic home) Al-Anon
  • Blow Away the Black Clouds – A woman’s Answer to Depression – Florence Littauer
  • I Can’t Get Over It – A Handbook for Trauma Survivors – Aphrodite Matsakis, PH.D
  • Loosening the Grip – A Handbook of Alcohol Information – Kenney and Leaton





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